4 Things You Should Remember Before Travel

1. Book accommodation before your trip

It is important to book accommodation for one month in advance. Some of the place may be very popular, so there is no empty room for late order, therefore do not book the accommodation in the last minute. Also, the hotel staff recommend traveller to book the accommodation through their website, they may get a better room compare to others who book in booking agency, like Agoda or booking.com.

2. Make a copy of important documents

  • Passport (Identification page with photo.)
  • ID card
  • Travel Insurance
  • Airline Tickets
  • Reservation Confirmations (hotel, rental car, cruise tickets, etc.)

Although many personal information can be store in your phone, in case you lost your phone or stolen by the thief, you still have a hard copy. Therefore a hard copy can protect and prove your identification.

3. Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance can prevent accident happens in your trip. Make sure to buy it before the trip to protect yourself. Different insurance target different traveller, so you must choose the one that is the most suitable.

4. Pack your essentials

  • Headphone: To separate from noisy environment, like thin hotel wall and tumultuous passages
  • Pills: Dramamine To prevent motion sickness, like Non-Drowsy Naturals
  • Hand sanitizer: To keep your hand clean, protect yourself from germs
  • Power adapter: The most important thing you should bring, otherwise you can not charge the electronic.

Remember do not over packing or under packing, do not forget to bring all these necessary items before your trip!


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