How To Beat Jet Lag

It is difficult to keep awake when you have a long flight, and also it is difficult to confront jet lag if you travel to a place which is different from your original schedule. Here are some tips to beat jet lag

1. Have enough sleep

Lack of sleep will make you tired, you need to have enough energy to fly with jet lag, therefore you should sleep well before you travel. Skip the night party so you can have enough sleep.

Don’t drink alcohol in-flight.

2. Eat and drink healthy

Don’t drink alcohol in-flight. Only drink coffee on or before a flight only if you are travelling to a western place. Bring some healthy snacks on the flight so if you feel hungry, you can still eat healthily

3. Keep doing exercise

No matter walking or doing yoga in the room, keep doing exercise because it is a good way to help you get a good sleep at night. Remember the east-or-west rule of thumb, morning workout for flying to an eastern place, while afternoon workout for travelling to the western place.

4. Adjust your internal clock

Try to adapt to the local time, adjust the sleeping cycle to reduce jet lag. Also, most of the country will have a meal earlier, so try to eat according to the local meal schedule.

5. Stay hydrated

Since the aeroplane has no moisture, it is bad for our skin. So remember to bring moisturising lipstick, lotion and hand cream to keep yourself hydrated, it can keep you fresh during the flight.


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