4 Tips in Outfit Colour Matching

Colour is an important element in fashion, a wrong matching might seriously influence people’s impression of you. So here are 4 tips for you to better match the colour in your outfit.

1. Apply a complementary colour

I am sure everyone might have heard of complementary colour in primary school. Some examples are, blue and orange, red and green, yellow and purple, etc. complementary colours are very matched in the way that they are highly contrasted to each other. But the secret little trick is to darken one of colour, for example, match orange with navy blue, red with olive green and yellow with Rasin purple.

2. Menswear Neutral

Some colours look good together regardless of their combinations, they are black, grey, white, light blue, navy and tan, olive and British khaki. Some people called them menswear neutral, by using these colours, the matching outfit can become much easier. If you want to look even better, try to wear light tops and dark bottom.

3. A pop of colour

As mentioned above, menswear neutral is convenient in matching outfits. Although they match with each other in any combinations, sometimes they might seem dull. Therefore, you may consider adding a pop of colour in your outfit, to make the whole thing looks better. But remember “one” is enough, or else, the whole outfit will be ruined.

4. Match everything

Try your best to match everything in your outfit as close as possible. If you want to wear leather boots today, it’s better to also wear a leather jacket and a leather belt, to create a harmonious outfit.


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