4 Minimal Living Tips

Have you ever heard of minimalism? That is a style that is characterized by extreme simplicity. Here are 4 tips for you to try to create a minimalist lifestyle.

1. Get rid of unwanted stuff

The main point of minimalism is simplicity. It is obvious that if you have a pile of unwanted stuff, you can never refer to yourself as a minimalist. Thus, throw away duplicated items, everything that you don’t use anymore.

2. Think before buying new things

Do you have new clothes that still have a price tag on it? Impulsive purchasing is always the main reason why we got too much stuff at home. Consider the practicality and urgency once you have the desire to buy an item. Remember, never buy a product just because there is a discount.

3. Buy only high-quality stuff

As mentioned above, you are not recommended to buy things casually. You may wonder, what product should you buy? The answer is to buy what is worth buying. Other than the price, the most important element you have to care about is the quality of the product. Always buy stuff that made in good materials, so that it won’t break or wear easily.

4. Disassociate from materials

People nowadays easily become materialist, as they need things that they can see and hold to comfort their broken upsetting soul. However, as a minimalist, you should learn to detach yourself from the stuff you own. Never build your happiness on money and materials. You will be happy simply by loving yourself and everyone around you.


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