What is New in Apple 2019 Event

Recently, Apple held its unveiling event and have shocked most of the people in this world. Let’s see what Apple has brought us in 2019.

1. iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro

The biggest news in unveiling event must be the release of the new iPhone. This year Apple released two flagship phones, 11 and 11 Pro. The crucial feature in iPhone 11 Pro (which iPhone 11 don’t have) is its “third” camera, it is even as good as a DSLR in terms of optical zoom and 4K video process. You might have hard experience choosing between iPhone 8 and X a few years ago, but this time, not anymore.

2. 7th-Gen iPad & Apple TV+

Apple released its new iPad, the 7th Gen. It is 10.2-inch but only cost you USD329, and the Apple Smart Keyboard will cost you USD160, but still, the price is tempting. The other big news must be the price of Apple TV+, it only cost you USD5 per month to enjoy Apple’s premium service!

3. Apple Watch Series 5

Apple has released its latest Apple watch the Series 5, which contains certain attractive new features, for instance, the series 5 obtained new materials, buyers can choose between ceramic and titanium. Besides, series 5 contains an always-on OLED screen and it also added some new health features. The other big news related to apple watch must be the price cut of Apple Watch Series 3, customers can purchase a series 3 with only USD200!


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