Grow Business by Writing Books

Have you ever thought of growing business through writing? Nowadays, it’s not only easy to publish a book, but also possible to grow a business by writing books, here are 4 simple tips.

1. Think of the ideal outcome

Before you start doing anything, always think of the goal that you want to reach at the end. In case of writing books, you might have to consider whether you want your books to help you to start a business, any peripheral products you want to sell through the books, or what kind of audiences you want to target. Those goals play an important role in growing your business, as they guide every step that you make.

2. Sketch the plot

Think about what content you want to include in your book and then simply sketch some main point out. For example, if the book is fiction or non-fiction? If it is a non-fiction book, what is it about? Are you going to introduce theories or just share interesting life experiences? By doing so, writing a book can become way easier.

3. Search for similar books

You may want to search for books that are similar to your own book. To do so, you can search key words which you think you targeted audiences might look for, then a list of books will appear. Deeply read some of them, learn what is good and avoid what is flaw.

4. Start marketing asap

To successfully sell you book, you might have to create a detailed promotion plan. Nowadays, there are so many ways to promote a product, for example, promote your book on website or social media platforms, or creating podcast or workshops… These planning should carefully be done before selling your books, so as to attract readers to buy you books.


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