Technology Trends in 2020

It is already halfway through 2019, technology innovation has continuous improvement in this year. What technology change will affect life and work in 2020?

1. Mobile commerce

Online shopping via mobile phone is very common these days, there are more and more apps and websites which provide you with a convenient online shopping experience. Most importantly, there is all sort of payment method which helps you with your online purchasing. For instance, Apple Pay, and Google wallet are the most commonly used payment method. While Alipay and WeChat pay is popular in Mainland China.

2. 5G Network

I think everyone who has tried 5G network, would fall in love with it, despite the saying that it might cause certain kind of health concerns. 5G network provides us with faster internet speed, it also assists with the use of driverless car and drones, ultimately, it might be the most important element to constructing a smart city.

3. AI

Up till now, Artificial Intelligence technology has not yet been well developed. Scientists need to make much more effort into some of the areas, for example, speech recognition. However, the AI service we have now, have already changed our lives in ways that we don’t realize. One of which is the machine-learning service provided by big companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, etc.


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