How to grow business with Instagram

There are more than 25 million active users on Instagram, more than 80% of the users have followed a company account. If you want to grow a business, using Instagram is a good choice. Here are some strategies for you to increase impression on Instagram.

1. Hashtags

Using hashtags can increase brand exposure. People will search for keywords on Instagram, so that post with hashtags will have greater engagement than those post without a hashtag. If the brand uses relevant and effective hashtags, the audience will find the brand easily.

2. Influencer

Nowadays, people not only focus on celebrities but also care about Instagram influencers. They will focus on the influencer’s life and what they buy, it can help to build brand awareness and more people will know the brand.

3. Style

A unique style can help you differentiate from other brands. It is important to create a theme, colour tone, fonts and photo style for your Instagram, therefore people will easily recall your Instagram page.

4. Calls-to-action

Instagram user will move to another post quickly if it is not a worth staying post. To increase user retention, it can run a contest or do some giveaway to encourage people to comment on the post. 

Photo by: @hicham_elhajji


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