How To Look Good In A Photo

Whether it is a friend or family gathering, people will usually take some shots and share it on social media. How to be more photogenic? By following these tips, you will never have a bad photo.

1. Look at your photo

To improve, the first thing you should know is how you look in the photo. You need to find out which part and which angle look good on you. Also, you can look at the celebrity’s photo and imitate their poses, so you can recreate the angle and pose when you take the photo.

2. Practice

Practice makes perfect! You can spend some time to practice your pose or smile in the mirror. You can figure out which smile is the best when you keep practising. Then you can stick with it when you taking a photo.

3. Lighting

Lighting is everything. The sun can create shadows, so try to stand facing natural light. Choosing the right light can make you look good in the photo.

4. Apps

People use mobile apps to edit and adjust the photo, some apps rank high in the app store, such as ProCamera and VSCO. Those apps allow you to change the filter and adjust the colour, you can create your unique photo style by using the app.


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