What’ new in iOS 13

The iOS 13 update has introduced new features and offering new software to your phone. What’s new in iOS 13? Here are some new features that iOS 13 will bring.

Dark Mode

The background, notifications and widgets will change from bright white to black when you use dark mode. You can turn on the dark mode at a particular time. The third-party developers will support this feature very soon.


Siri has become smarter, it starts with a new voice system called “Neural Text to Speech”. It is more conversational and sounds more natural than before.


The new maps have got some new features, you can store the place you frequently visit, when you open the map, you can quickly access. Moreover, there are more detailed map data, you can get a super high-resolution on-the-ground preview of the area, it is more convenient to search for the place.



The reminders app can recognize days and time to set reminders, also you can add locations and flags as well as attachments. Siri will suggest a reminder with a notification pop-up when you discuss something in Messages.


In iOS 13, you can create your Memoji sticker. It will automatically create a sticker packs and those stickers will be integrated directly into the emoji keyboard so that you can send it to your friends.


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