Why The Ordinary’s Product So Affordable

The Ordinary is an innovative skincare brand which delivers high-quality products with a relatively low price. Let’s find out the reason why The Ordinary can create such an affordable skincare product.

Nothing extra involved

The Ordinary aim to produce useful products, there is nothing extra from their packaging to the scent, everything is indispensable. The Ordinary only focus on the ingredients which work, therefore it can reduce their costs and sell their products at a lower price. 

Less promotion

Most of the cosmetic brands spend a lot of money on packaging, advertising and promotion so that their price is relatively high. However, The Ordinary only focus on the product itself, they only use the money to do testing and producing the products, therefore the marketing cost is low because they don’t do any promotions.

Focus on the ingredient

The Ordinary is not a mass-market brand, they are well-known for the high-quality ingredients and the affordable price. With such high concentrations of potent and active ingredients, they keep their prices as low as they can.


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