4 Tips to Pack Like a Minimalist

When you pack less, you stress less. Pack like a minimalist allow you to travel lightly, here are 4 tips to pack like a minimalist.

Start packaging early

Most of you will start packing your luggage just one or two days before the trip. However, you should pack it one week before because it takes time to pack. You will know what you should bring and you have time to add or remove the item.

Prepare a packing list

You should create a fixed packing list, so no matter where you travel, you can pack your stuff refer to the checklist. The list can ensure that you won’t forget to bring an important item.

Bring necessary item

Don’t bring the useless thing that will take up a lot of space and just bring the necessary item. If you will not use the item at home, just leave them behind, you will not use it on the trip either.

Pack a minimalist wardrobe

Consider what you want to wear, only bring the necessary item when you travel. Try to pack fewer items and create a new look with the same pieces.

Photo by: @chriiiiiiis_h 


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