3 Myths You May Believe About Your Battery

There are many myths on how to maintain your smartphone batteries, but most of them may not be true. Here are 3 common phone charging myths people usually believe.

Myth1: Overnight charging will overcharge the battery

In the past, people believe that keep your phone charging overnight will overcharge the battery. However, nowadays the smartphone has already built the function to protect the battery from overcharging, it may only reduct the performance if you charge overnight. To maintain the battery age, you should stop charging the battery when it reaches 80%.

Myth2: You should fully discharge the battery before charging

People claim that we should fully drain the battery to 0% before charging it back up to 100%. But in fact, draining the battery will not affect the charge cycles, the lithium-ion will retain a working charge across the entire battery, also the smartphone charge capacity will retain 70-80% even though you use the phone for a few years.

Myth3: Don’t use your phone while it is charging

People say that using your phone while charging can make your device explode or catch fire. Indeed, battery drain and charging at the same time may damage your battery, so you should avoid heavy use of your phone when you are charging, such as watching YouTube or playing games to maintain a good battery level.


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