3 Mistakes to Avoid While Travelling Abroad

To avoid spending more than you have, take a look at these most common travel money mistakes and learn how to avoid them.

1. Don’t forget to let your bank know you will be travelling.

Forget to let your bank know you are travelling is the common mistake traveller will make. Your transaction may go to be denied if you have not informed the bank, it may not allow you to purchase in a foreign country because of the security issue.

2. Don’t exchange money at the airport

Most of the currency exchange shop set up in the airports because they want to convenient the tourist. However, the airport kiosks incur higher operating costs and fees which charge a lot of fees. There are a lot of options to convert foreign exchange, withdrawing money from a local ATM is a good way.

3. Don’t use public Wi-Fi for financial transactions

A lot of countries offer free Wi-Fi at airports, when you are using public internet or public Wi-Fi, you should avoid checking bank balances, making online payment or doing a financial transaction. Switch off the automatically connect Wi-Fi function, it can prevent your personal information being hacked and protect your privacy.


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