Free Haircuts for LGBTQ+ Homeless Youth in ProjectQ

ProjectQ Community Center is a non-profit organization that provides safe space for LGBTQIA+ homeless youth. They provide free mentorship classes and workshops for them. ProjectQ Community Center pride themselves on being 100% inclusive and a safe space. No matter race, gender, sexual orientation, size, ability, and income, ProjectQ Community Center still welcome.



ProjectQ salon is a part of ProjectQ Community Center, it is a queer POC owned and operated hair salon, it provides free haircuts for LGBTQ+ Homeless Youth. Hairstylist Madin Lopez founded this salon in 2012, Lopez aims to make sure each person gets the right haircut that can reflect their style, gender identity and more. It provides free gender-affirming haircuts, hair colour, and wigs to LGBTQIA+ youth suffering from homelessness.



ProjectQ wanted to help the kids to feel loved and accepted. Instead of full payment, Lopez will ask them for something simple in exchange, for example, clean up, or answer some question like, “What’s something you love about yourself?”

“It was always about love, care and self-improvement.”

This is what ProjectQ are looking for.


Physical store

In 2018, ProjectQ got a store in LA’s Chinatown, it continues to provide free haircut for the LGBTQIA+ homeless youth. Until now, they give over 700+ free haircuts to homeless youth.


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