4 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Style

To create a new style doesn’t mean you should buy something new, you can use what you have got to change a brand new style. Here, we’ve listed four ways that will upgrade your style this year.

Sewing your clothes

If you know how to sew, you can create your style of clothes. Just use the needle and thread, you can add some unique character on your clothes, like changing some vintage style buttons to make it more personal and stylish. 

Turn Old Jeans Into New Patches

Although pre-worn-in denim could be very fashionable, you may destroy certain parts of it if you wear it improperly. Keep your old denim and you can patch up with your current pair. You may need it when your jeans are seriously damaged, you can repair it by using the scrap denim.

Use old clothes to create a new style

Instead of buying new clothes, spend some time to look at your wardrobe, you can create a new look by wearing old clothes. You can DIY and reuse your old clothes, like turn a long sleeve t-shirt into a wrap skirt.

Geezer style

Fashion is a cycle, it will repeat after a few years. You may find some goodie from your dad, grandpa or uncle’s wardrobe that fits you well, like old Barbour jackets, polo sweaters. Old stuff doesn’t mean that it is useless, but it may turn into a stylish item in the future.


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