4 Surprising Royal Family Travel Secrets

The royal family took lots of preparation before they travel, look at some of the surprising facts you may not know about the royal tours.

Multiple languages

The British royal family is the representative of the United Kingdom. As to show respect, they should learn different languages of greetings before they travel to another country.

Short trips

Every time they fly to another country is just because they are going for business. Meeting the head of state is their main purpose of touring the world, most of the time they only got less than 1 hour for visiting the world-famous sites.

Black outfit

No matter where they travel, the royal family member is required to pack a black outfit, it is to ensure the royal family have dressed properly when they return to the United Kingdom, they must always prepare in case there is someone died while they are on vacation.

Royal protocol

The royal protocol is that the two heirs should never fly on the same flight together to protect the royal lineage. However, Prince William has broken the tradition by travelling with Prince George because they want to keep the family together.


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