3 Simple Fitness Tips to Maximize Your Workout

Working out has become a trend these days, but do you know how to maximize your workouts? Here are 3 tips.

1. Breakfast

This tip is especially for those who love to exercise in the morning. Intaking carbohydrates before exercise can enhance workout performance and consistency. In contrast, skipping breakfast before exercise may lead to lightheadedness. Besides, a light healthy breakfast is enough to facilitate your performance, one can choose to have whole-grain cereals or bread, low-fat milk, juice, banana, yoghurt or a pancake.

2. Post-workout food

Some people might have the misconception that eating after exercise can lead to weight gain. But, intaking carbohydrates and protein within two hours after working out, help muscles to recover and recharge. You can choose to have yoghurt and fruit, peanut butter sandwich, low-fat chocolate milk and pretzels, smoothie or turkey on whole-grain bread with vegetables.

3. Drink

Dehydration can be a threat to life, therefore never forget to drink enough fluids, stay hydrated. One should drink water before, during and after exercising. In specific, a person should intake 2-3 cups of water within 2 hours before working out, half to 1 cup of water every 15-20 mins during the workout, and 2-3 cups after exercise.


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