3 Tips For Balancing a Side Hustle With a Full-Time Job

Some of the young adults nowadays have side hustles, that is having a second job doing something they interested in. But after all, handling two jobs at the same time can be tough. So, how can we ensure that we won’t burnout?

1. Never ALL IN

Understandably, people are crazy about their side hustle, as they are doing what they love, and by doing so, they can gain a sense of achievement. But they may feel exhausted spending 24 hours working. Therefore, planning and scheduling every day are important. Try to do some exercise or entertainment after a few hours of working, never let side hustle to take over your life.

2. Mentor

Doing two jobs can exhausting, it means that you are spending a double amount of time and efforts, while at the same time facing a double amount of stress. Prolonged stress can lead to depression or mental illness, therefore, never underrate its effect. To reduce stress, you can find someone to talk to. Other than friends, you may try to find someone to talk to through social platforms, there must be someone who understands you or making through similar hard times as yours

3. Never mix real job with a side hustle

Set up a clear boundary between your full-time job and side hustle is important. Because shifting attention to your side hustle during work may affect your job performance and influence your career prospects. Therefore, it’s okay to have a side hustle, but at the same time the full-time job that you are having worth your respect too.


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