3 Habit That Could Destroy Your Happiness

Living in a modern city can be unhappy. When you feel like you have everything, money, friends, family, but the pace, the people around you and all the busy work can drive everyone crazy. Here are a few habits that disrupt your happiness and how to get rid of them.

1. Always worry

It is a mistake that most of us are making every day. We are so used to worry about the future, the consequence of everything we did. We also so care about how others think of us. This is all because we think we can control everything, including others’ thought! But it is wrong, sometimes we just have to admit that we can do nothing about some of the events in our life.

2. Isolate oneself

Have you ever tried to hide when you feel like you are above to cry in front of others? Some people may think that feeling sad or frustrated is the expression of weakness, they feel ashamed of letting others see their dark and weak side. But, when you feel unhappy, all you need is friends! Just find someone that you can talk to and gain support from them.

3. Go with the flow

Sometimes we are afraid of having a conflict with others, therefore, when something went wrong, we are not willing to speak up. Some of us are just too care about how others think of them, because pushing back or standing up for oneself, can be viewed as aggressive, pushy or rude. So, most of us just hesitated. But it is okay standing up for your want and needs, and most importantly, say no to what you don’t want and gain respect.


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