3 Tips to Sleep Well in Planes

Have you ever taken a morning flight or a night flight? Most of us may choose to get some sleep on the plane, especially in the early morning or midnight, but can you actually sleep well? Here are some tips for you to sleep better on planes.


1. Avoid alcohol

If you think alcohol can help you sleep, then that’s a total misunderstanding. It is true that alcohol can help you fall asleep, but the effect will only last for three to four hours, if you are talking about a long flight, just forget about it. Most importantly, once you wake up, you can never sleep again. You may also feel a headache and thirsty. Thus, it is not a good method to send yourself to sleep on the plane.


2. Avoid sugar or salt

Other than wine, one thing that we should stay away from is sugar. Having a long flight can be boring, some of you may want to have some snacks, but never choose to eat candy. Because sugary and salty food can make you feel bloated, especially when you are on a long flight, sitting for hours will not use up lots of energy.


3. Wear loose shoes

Having a long flight means that you are going to sit for many hours. As you keep bending your legs, your feet will end up swollen. To make yourself feel better, you can choose to wear a pair of loose slip-on shoes during the flight, so that there is more room in the shoes for your swollen feet.


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