Tips for Getting Through a Long Flight

I believe all of us love traveling, but sometimes the long flight makes you want to kill yourself. Tips below can make you feel better on a long flight.

1. Block out noise

Regardless of the length of a flight, as long as there is a crying baby on the plane, I am sure you want to kill yourself, listening to the non-stop crying. In this case, a pair of soft silicone earplugs may help you, by blocking out the loud noise. A choice can be a pair of noise-canceling headphones which help you to dilute any noise so that you can get some good sleep on the plane.

2. Stretch

Do you know why we always feel extremely tired after a long flight? It’s because we didn’t stretch! You need to do enough stretching before, during and also after the flight. Before you board, remember to find some corners and stretch or do some yoga. When you are already on the plane, get up and walk around or do some in-seat stretches. It helps to reduce muscle tension and eliminate circulation problems.

3. Travel pillow

Other than stretching, a good travel pillow is also important. Don’t treat it as just a pillow, which helps you sleep better. It helps to support your back properly. Sitting for a long time without back support can lead to back pain. You can put your pillow not only around your neck but also your lower back, over even sit on it, as long as you feel comfortable.


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