How to Make Friends When Traveling

It is important to expand your social network, when you need help or needs someone to talk to, your friends will always be there. But you can’t expend your social network if you always stay in one place. So here is some advice on how to make friends when traveling.

1. Join Facebook groups

Nowadays you have all sorts of groups on Facebook. Some of them even allow you to update your location when traveling and ask if anybody is around so that you can hang out with them. These social groups also help whenever you encounter troubles in a foreign country, you can always find somebody for help.

2. Hostel

One easy way for you to make friends during the trip is to stay in a hostel, rather than a hotel. Because you will have a chance to share a room with others in a hostel. And some hostels are a female-only hostel, which is usually cleaner and safer. You can make more sisters there!

3. Take some class

Never thinks that you can only shop, taking pictures or eating during traveling. You can take some interesting classes, for example, yoga class, skiing class… you can probably make many friends, especially when you have the same interest.


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