How to Wear Perfume Correctly

Wearing perfume is like magic, it helps you to catch others’ attention, and all of a sudden, you become more charming, that’s why everyone loves perfume, regardless of gender. But do you know how to wear perfume? Here are some tips for you to make your perfume last longer and sound at its best.

1. The right point

To make your perfume sound at its best, where you apply it matters. Normally, you are suggested to spray your perfume to the pulse points, aka warm point, where you can feel your heartbeat. For example, your wrists, behind ears or the knees. By putting perfume on these points, it will sound brighter and louder.

2. Hair

Usually, we will only apply perfume on the skin, but have you ever thought of spraying perfume on your hair? Hair can hold fragrance longer than your skin! You can try to spray some perfume on your hairbrush, then brush your hair gently, or simply spray some perfume on your heir directly.

3. Spray-on clothes

NEVER EVER do this! Yes, clothes can indeed hold the scent for a long time, but spraying perfume directly on your clothes will leave stains on it. Therefore, make sure the perfume on your skin is dry before putting on any clothes. Besides, never apply perfume on jewelry too, because the perfume may cause damage to your jewelry.


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