Why You Need to Buy a Luxury Bag

Have you ever heard of the big three? Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. It seems that every woman is crazy about these brands. In this article, you may get some inspiration for why you need to buy a Louis Vuitton bag!

1. Value

When we are talking about value, we are not only talking about the price, but also the overall cost-performance ratio. Louis Vuitton bags have a high value. First of all, Louis Vuitton bags are extremely durable. If you have ever used an LV bag, then you will know, the bags will only be worn after decades. Second, LV bags are relatively cheaper than other famous brands, such as Chanel and Dior.

2. Sturdy

Believe it or not, the canvas of the Louis Vuitton bag is originally established for travel gear. That means the canvas is originally for a suitcase or luggage, etc… Therefore, the materials used in an LV bag is very sturdy. You don’t need to worry about the scratching, you can even throw it like you don’t care.

3. The Monogram-service

It’s the matter of fact that all women love Louis Vuitton, so you are no the only one wearing an LV bag. If you hate wearing the same bag as others, Louis Vuitton provides the Monogram-service, which allows you to mix and match and personalize your bag.


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