When Is The Best Time to Book Hotel

We all love to travel, because it allows us to stay away from stress. But sometimes it’s quite difficult to find a perfect hotel with an affordable price. It’s all come down to booking at the right moment. Here are some tips.


1. Wait until the very last minute

One important thing that you must know is, the hotel providers would want less money from you, rather than keeping the empty room. You may feel unsafe or worry if you are told to book a hotel at the last minute, but I’m sure you will be willing to take the risk if I tell you how cheap it is. Usually, if you book a hotel on the same day you check-in, the price will be 10% less than booking the day before. And if you book a hotel around 8 p.m. the day you check-in, there will be another 5-10% drop.


2. Choose carefully the day

Make a reservation on specific days can help you get a cheaper price. According to the data, the day you can most probably get the cheapest price is Friday, an alternative will be Monday. While the most expensive day will be on Sunday. Therefore, never book a hotel on Sunday.


3. Choose carefully the season

We know that never book a hotel in peak holiday travel seasons, but what months should we choose? Usually, you can book a hotel at a cheaper price in early January and February, as they are the months right after Christmas and new year. September is also a nice choice, which is the month right after summer vacation and at the same time is the school season.


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