3 Types of Minimalists

Minimalism is a lifestyle that all about living with less, being a minimalist means you only live with the essential things. Here are serval types of minimalist, let’s see are you one of them.

Frugal Minimalists

If you are concern about how to save money, then you are a frugal minimalist. You will only spend money in a few circumstances, you don’t mind to use the old stuff and you don’t care about the newest fashion trend, therefore you will accumulate more and more wealth as a frugal minimalist.

Green Minimalists

Green Minimalists live simply, waste less and strive to live more sustainably. They will fill their homes with environmentally friendly products. Also, they only buy things that are long last and can be recycled, to reduce the amount of waste and save the environment.

Aesthetic Minimalist

Anesthetic minimalist is a person who prefers to have their possessions and surroundings arranged in a minimalist way. They aim to maintain a neat and tidy living space, so their home is always clean and things will be in order. However, they will keep the things that consider as useful.


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