How to care for a leather jacket

The leather jacket is one of the men’s fashionable items, they are easy to match and ageless. If you keep it in a good way, it can last a lifetime. Here are some tips to care for a leather jacket.

Read the label

Many types of leather can be used to make a jacket, cowhide, sheepskin, buckskin or even antelope, therefore the washing method of each jacket is different. If you don’t read the label carefully, it will make a big difference after you wash it. Always read the label to see is there any instruction you need to follow.

Keep it dry

Most of the time, you wear a leather jacket is to protect yourself from the cold weather. If the leather jacket gets wet, don’t throw your jacket into Tumblr dryer or use a hairdryer. It will hurt the natural material if you directly heat your jacket. The best method is to place the jacket at room temperature and let it dry.

Make your jacket water resistant

Prevention is better than cure. Using a water and stain protector spray is a good way to protect your jacket. However, before using any spray, make sure to read the label first because not all spray can use for the leather jacket.


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