Why Unpacking Is Difficult After a Trip

There are two types of people after a trip, the first type is unpacked all the things as soon as possible, and the second type is to let the suitcase sit for days and don’t unpack it. Are you the second type of person? Here is the reason why you don’t want to unpack.

The excitement is gone

When you are packing for your trip, the expectation will make you feel more excited about it. However, when you come back, the excitement is gone, therefore there is no deadline for unpacking your suitcase. People do not unpack just because they want to retain the feeling of travel and don’t want to go back to regular life.


According to clinical psychologist Tamara McClintock Greenberg, not unpacking can be a form of procrastination mixed with denial. Procrastination always occurs when we are nervous about something or some unpleasant feeling we don’t want to happen, therefore not unpacking is to refuse the vacation is over.

Too much stuff

People are in trouble with unpacking is because they have too many things in their suitcase. We usually buy a lot of things when we are traveling, so we will compress each item and cram in as much as possible, and the result is the suitcase will become mussy and difficult to unpack.


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