3 Types of Wallet For Men

A wallet comes with different shapes, sizes, and materials. It is important to know your preference before buying a wallet. Here are 3 types of wallet you need to know.

Billfold wallet

With its simple design, you just need to flap the wallet to take out your cash and credit card. The biggest selling point of the billfold wallet is the slimmest design, you are sitting down comfortably without any feeling. Among all types of wallet, billfold wallet is the most popular.

Zip card wallet

If you are living in a country where coins are the dominate currency, like the EU, a coin wallet is a great choice. A zip card wallet is roomier than a cardholder, it is incredibly easy to access your coins, cash, or card, it can approximately hold around 3 cards per slot. By using a zip card wallet, you will be more organized with your payment.

Cardholder wallet

If you don’t like paying with cash, or you want to keep your wallet clean and without the receipt, a cardholder wallet is suitable for you. The cardholder wallet is specially made for men who have a lot of cards and want to keep his wallet slim.


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