Sustainable Travel Destinations

Sometimes we may worry about ruining the environment during traveling, indeed, human activities may probably speed up the pollution and damage. But nowadays, some governments have already taken action to protect the environment. Here are some sustainable travel destinations you may consider.

The Azones – Portugal

The Azones is made up of nine small islands. The view there is incredible, as there are mostly natural environment and wildlife. It is also the most sustainable destination in Europe award. In Azones, there are more than 23 registered protected areas, to help preserve the inland and marine habitats. Besides, the government there has adopted a sustainable power grid to generate renewable resources, they even aim to become the first one-hundred percent renewable system in the world.

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San Francisco – USA

Don’t be surprised, the number of sustainable destinations in the USA is more than you thought, while San Francisco is one of them. Single-use plastic bags are already banned in 2007 in San Francisco, they also established the first large-scale urban food waste and composting program in the USA and maximized fair trade and organic food purchase from the local farm.

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Chumble Island – Zanzibar

Chumble Island is a perfect place for diving, this is because people there manage the coral reefs carefully, as well as reserving the forest on the island. Chumble Island even won the Best of Africa for sustainable tourism at ITB Berlin. And most importantly, there is an education center that teaches and spreads the message that we should behave in a renewable way.

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