The New 16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple announced the release of a new 16-inch MacBook Pro, let’s take a look at its specification, and see what makes it so attractive that you make probably want one too.

Improved keyboard

One of the focus points of the new MacBook Pro is its new keyboard! This time, Apple adopted the Butterfly keyboard and a rubber dome is added under each keycap for better support, the keycap also becomes more concave, so that we feel more comfortable when typing. Besides, there is an increase in the interval between each key. In the past, the interval is less than 0.8mm, but now it is 1mm, which allows you to type even faster, with higher accuracy. One more new element in the keyboard is that Apple added back the Escape key and the inverted “T” arrow key set up, which allows us to move the cursor more easily.

Sound quality

The new MacBook Pro is impressive with its sound quality. A six-speaker sound system is added on the board of this new MacBook Pro, one important point of this speaker system is that it contains a force-canceling woofer, which gives you a better bass sound, in specific, that is half octave deeper bass sound.

The new processor

One more attractive point about this 16-inch new MacBook Pro is its new processor. Apple offers two choices for its customers. For the entry-level MacBook, a 2.6GHz six-core Intel i7 processor is adopted. Whereas, for the high-end version, a 2.3 GHz eight-core Intel i9 processor is adopted. The new processor can give you a better and smoother experience when editing music or video.


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