3 Tips to Manage Your Holiday Stress

Joining the holiday party, buying presents, travel may be the best moment in a year, however, it might be a challenging and anxiety month. If you feel stressful or exhausted, how do you enjoy your holiday? Here are some tips for you to make your holiday happier.

Set the priority

When you are overdose with the holiday stress, the excitement of the trip or the event may make you stressed. Spend some time on evaluating the to-do list, you should set a priority and plan what you should do first.

Take a rest from your social media

Using social media may diverse your distraction, however, it may feel even worse if you are trying to compare with other users. You may not feel well if you see your friends photo, it will hurt you, therefore delete the application may be a good method.

Listen to the music

When you feel extremely tired, listen to music will help you relax. If you need a break from the holiday music altogether, you can make a soothing playlist with your favorite non-festive songs or listen to the natural sound,


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