4 Steps for The Beginner Minimalist

If you are a beginner or just simply your life to become a minimalist, enjoy this tiny step.

Travel lightly

Travel will arouse your love of minimalism and living simply. If you travel for 4 days, pack only 2 clothes, you can wash your clothes on the trip, or wear the same clothes again, it will decrease the burden of your luggage.

Wear fewer clothes

Have you considered the Project 333? Which is only wear 33 clothes in 3 months. It sounds extreme, however, it will make your life easier but not challenge.

Eat similar food

When you are thinking about what to eat for lunch. Try to eat the same breakfast and lunch all week and have 2 or 3 choices for dinner in the same week. It doesn’t sound easy, but it can save your time from thinking about what you are going to eat.

Throw the useless stuff

Bring a box and walk through your house, and fill it with duplicates. If you have the same thing, just throw one because you don’t need two. Put it aside for 30 days, if you don’t open the box, that means you don’t need this stuff.


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