3 Things About Digital Minimalism

You might have heard of materialistic minimalism, to downsize your house and own less stuff. Whereas, nowadays, technology is also making our society more complicated, and keep us away from what is important in our lives. Therefore, a new term has been established, “Digital Minimalism”. Here is some important point about digital minimalism.

Use technology intentionally

Using phones has become a habit. Usually, when we have nothing to do or when our mind is too free, we unconsciously take out our phone and check whatever we can check, read whatever we can read, non-stop reading messages and posts on social media. Most of the time, we don’t even know why we are using phones. Therefore, prevent using phones habitually, there is so much more you can enjoy in your life.

Do not use technology to make us feel better

Sometimes, we may feel the need to use our phone when we feel empty, bored, or anxious. In other words, we have the habit to use technology as emotional relief. However, using a phone to distract our restlessness is only a short-term method, as the problems have never been solved.

People first

We spend most of our time texting and checking social media, the ultimate goal is to contact our friends or make new friends. But never forget the truth that face-to-face friendships are always better than online connections with people. Therefore, we should spend more time in real-life relationships, instead of isolating ourselves for some online fake connections.


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