3 Fashion Tips to Look Taller

Generally speaking, tall men look smarter and more charming, and most of the girls like tall handsome men. Maybe you will feel unconfident with your height, but don’t worry, here are some fashion tips make you look taller!


The first thing to look taller is not to break your body into a few parts. Therefore, you may consider wearing a single color or pattern for the whole outfit. The continuity of the body line can visually lengthen you.

Say no to MIB

MIB means Men in Black. I understand that most men love the color black because it is undoubtedly cool. But never put too many black elements on your body, as it shrinks you, and make you look smaller.


If you want to look taller, two things on your body should be short. The first thing is your shirts, as wearing a short shirt can balance your body look, and make you look smarter and taller. At least it should be fit, instead of too loose. The second thing is your hairstyle. Because a short hairstyle can lengthen your chin and neck, thus you may look taller.


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