What You Should Avoid on the First Dating

If you pick the wrong clothes, it will definitely like a disaster. Here are some tips on what to avoid on the first date.


Don’t hide yourself

Jennifer Baumgartner writes,

“the worst clothing is the kind that tries to undo, ignore or hide where or who you are, or the kind that shows you didn’t pay attention to your body/age/situation”.

Therefore, try to be honest about what kind of person you are, people will fall in love with your real personality.


Don’t wear too smart

Remember this point. No matter what, don’t dress up too smart in the first dating. We know that it is important to give a good impression to others, but you cannot improve on the next dating if you are perfect. Who knows when you will go together in the future, so don’t dress up too smart on the first date.


Don’t wear something too tight

You want to show your perfect side to others in dating. However, if you wear clothing that is too tight that you even cannot move, eat or breath, it is a bit ridiculous, therefore choose the right clothes that will not hinder your normal behavior.


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