Tips to Save Money by Delete These Apps

Have you ever woken up someday and ask yourself “where did my money go?”. Do you know you can save money by deleting several apps on your phone? Here are some hints.

Delivery Apps

It’s true that those delivery apps, such as Food Panda, Deliveroo, etc. are convenient. We can have nearly anything for lunch or dinner without leaving home. However, what you do not aware of is that all the service fees, delivery charges, and driver tips can turn a $10 burrito into $20. Therefore, you may consider stopping using those delivery apps if you are actually out of money,

Mobile Shopping Apps

Amazon, ASOS, ZALORA, etc. all those mobile shopping apps allow you to buy your favorite clothes and accessories without leaving your bed. But having these apps on your phone is risky because you will easily click into these apps once you are boring. And that you will have more chance to purchase impulsively.

In-App Purchase Games

Many games state that they are free, but they are actually “In-app purchase”. It means that you are free to download the games, but the functions are limited, you need to pay for expansion packs or pay to upgrade. In the end, you are still paying.


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