3 Tips to Save Your Smartphone Usage

Technology brings us lots of conveniences. But when the habit of using a smartphone becomes an addiction, we should try to control ourselves and cut back on our smartphone usage. Here are some tips for you.

Be aware of your screen time

You should take a look at your screen time before cutting off the smartphone usage, to see how serious your condition is. Go to “setting” and then click “screen time”, then you can check how much time you have spent on different categories, such as music, movies, and social media. Always keep an eye on your screen time, because it can give you the motivation to take the action below.

Notification cleanse

Turning off notifications is important because most of them prevent us from forming connections in real life and hinder our productivity. Some even suggested that notifications can increase dopamine in our body and make us more attached to our phones. Therefore, we should turn off most of the notification, except text message and calendar notifications.

Grayscale mode

Turning your phone’s screen into grayscale mode also helps. The principle behind this is that, when the phone is full of pictures and colors, it’s very likely to catch your attention and makes you want to keep using it. But if you turn it into greyscale, the phone becomes less attractive, and reduce your interest in your smartphone.


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