Tips to Become a Minimalist

The population in the world is increasing day by day, in contrast, the living space per person is also decreasing. That’s why minimalism has become a trend recently and becoming a minimalist is so important. If you still have no ideas of how to become a minimalist, here are some tips for you.

Sell or donate things

When it comes to minimalism, some people may think, “what a waste to throw everything away!” But the fact is, we are going to do it smartly. Instead of throwing everything into the rubbish bin, we can sell and donate. For example, we can sell brand-name clothes and shoes to other people, as well as donate old toys, books and extra food for charity.

Keep ONLY enough hangers

Tidying our closet is always the hardest part. After deciding the number of clothes you need and donated them, there is still one thing we need to handle, that’s the hangers. The tips are to keep only enough hangers to put up the number of clothes we need and keep one or two extra hangers per person.

Use the library

Even if you are a book lover, there is no need to buy every book you want to read. The public library offers different kinds of books, I am sure you can find what you love there. In the meantime, you can donate your old books the charity, to save some space.


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