3 Backpack Tips For Travel

Sometimes we may encounter an unexpected situation during travelings, such as flight and weather changes. Therefore, we need all kinds of stuff in our backpack. Here are some tips for you to get the most out of your backpack.

Use external attachment

Almost all backpacks have external attachments. You can hang some carabiner clips on these attachments or simply put items that need to be easily reached, such as a water bottle, umbrella or travel pillow. Some backpack even has external compression straps, so that you can place something large on top of your backpack, such as a yoga mat.


Use side pockets

If your backpack has front or back or side pockets, make good use of them. These side pockets are easily reached, but at the same time it’s pretty safe to put things there, therefore, you can put some important stuff, such as your passport, wallet, and phone, etc. in your side pockets.

Keep the small item in a sunglasses case

Very often, we bring along with your sunglasses during traveling. But have you ever thought of making good use of the sunglasses case? You can put small items together in your empty sunglasses cases, such as earrings and keys.


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