How to Care For Leather

Leather not only can match well with most of the clothes but also can sublimate your whole outfit. Therefore, it’s important to have some leather jacket or leather pouch at home. Besides, you must learn to increase the life of your leather goods, so that they can maintain their best condition.

Cleaning stains

Removing stain on leather is simple. All you need are some tartar and lemon juice, mix them and put it on the problem area. Then, wait for 10 to 15 minutes for its chemical reaction. Finally, use a cloth with soapy water to remove the paste and dry leather using a towel.

Avoid harsh cleansers

Leather is a delicate material and requires high-maintenance. Therefore, some harsh cleansers should be avoided if you want to clean your leather. Some examples are alkalis, bleach, alcohol or ammonia-based cleanser and varnish. Those harsh cleansers can seriously damage and discolor your leather.

Remove mould

It’s quite complicated to remove mould on leather. First, you have to dry your leather completely. Then, use a moist cloth to remove all the surface mould. After that, dry the leather again, and then use baby shampoo, which is a mild cleanser, to remove the mould completely.


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