3 Items Men’s Carry Everyday

Usually, men don’t carry as much as women when they go out. But they do have their go-to-gear. Let’s take a look at some of the men’s everyday carry, something that they always have on them.


Every successful man must have a watch. A watch is an indicator of whether a man is aware of his look. Besides, wearing a watch is a way to show off a man’s style. Even if a man, simply wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, but with a nice watch on his wrist, you know he is not as simple as his t-shirt.

Bluetooth headphones

Nowadays, wearing a pair of Bluetooth headphone does not mean that you are always making calls. Other than making phone calls, you can also use that to listen to music or listen to audiobooks. Most importantly, it’s stylish and very easy to carry.

Tactical pen

A tactical pen is an EDC pen, built with a titanium shell, and a pressurized ink cartridge. It has so many functions, such as breaking a car window in case of emergency, or use it as a puncher, as well as a blade, again, only for emergency or self-defense.


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