3 Items That Men Obsessed Over In the 2010s

Now, we officially live in the 2020s. throughout the whole 2010s, lots of designers have put great effort into designing menswear, so that it can catch up with womenswear. Let’s have a quick review of the menswear that define the style in the 2010s.

Selvedge Demin & Skinny Jeans

At the beginning of the 2010s, selvage denim has rocked the world, nearly every man is obsessed with it. While the transition of straight-cut selvage jeans to skinny jeans is a significant event in the 2010s. These days, skinny jeans have become undefeatable.

Luxe Joggers

Simply search for Vladimir Putin’s story, and you will know, wearing a cashmere tracksuit has been a joke to all of us, however, except designers. Nowadays, we luxe joggers are so popular, as it reminds us that we can dressed up in a very comfortable way.

Minimal sneakers

Almost everyone in the world owns at least one pair of sneakers. Originally, brogues were the most popular footwear in the 2010s, as it is well-known for its versatility. But suddenly, after a few seasons, the sneakers have replaced the brogues. Now you can even wear Stan Smiths to work.


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