3 Skin Care Tips For Men

Men seldom care about skincare. But I’m telling you, skincare is very important to every human being, regardless of gender. So here are some skincare tips, especially for you guys, about how to wash your face probably.

Wash hands

The most important thing before skincare is to wash your hands. Research shows that our hands carry 3200 bacteria out of 150 species. It is quite reasonable, as we use our hands to grab things, push buttons or hold the door, nearly touches everything! Therefore, if you don’t want those germs to end up on your face, just wash your hands.

Use warm water

What water temperature should we use is a tricky question. Normally, you should use warm water, as it is effective at keeping your skin hydrated. For hot water, it will cause damage to your skin, so never do that. While for cold water, it causes the pores to close, and therefore cleansing becomes more difficult.

Use the right amount

Using the right amount of skincare products is important. But how much should we use exactly? For normal skin, use a milder cleanser. I bet you don’t want your great skin to be ruin by those harsh cleaning products. For combination skin, try to use a cleanser that is equal in cleaning and hydrating. For dry skin, use those that are effective at hydration.


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