3 Style Tips From David Beckham

David Beckham, the well-known football legend, didn’t just disappear after his retirement, instead, he is still active in the entertainment industry, as he has already become a style icon. Let’s see what we can learn from David Beckham.



Find your style icon

For example, you treat David Beckham as a role model and want to emulate him. It is a very good idea because David Beckham himself does not just make up his style. In an interview, David Beckham claimed that he also see Steve McQueen as his main style icon, and he even said that he would like to be Steve if he can.



Leverage your color

Learn to use different color is also an important skill. Just like David Beckham, he is good at taking advantage of different kinds of colors, as well as, patterns, which makes him so stylish. For example, in the 2014 Wimbledon tournament, David Beckham wore a Ralph Lauren suit and a mustard-colored jacket with a glen check pattern, plus a regimental tie and a lapel pin and pocket square.



Find a signature hairstyle

One of the most impressive parts of David Beckham must be his hairstyle. He has tried several hairstyles over the years. Among them, some of his signature hairstyles are the comb-over, the undercut, and the quaff. Therefore, you can also try more hairstyle, and find your favorite one.


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