3 Tips to Make Your Leather Last Longer

You must own many leather products if you are a leather lover. But do you know how to ensure your leather lasts a lifetime? Here are some tips for you. 

Avoid stains 

Leather is skin, and skin can absorb liquid, as well as, discolor. Therefore, if any liquid is spilled on the leather, it should be removed immediately. Otherwise, the longer the stain stays on the leather, the harder the stain can be removed. Besides, you can also do some prevention. For example, spray some water-resistant stain protector on your leather, to prevent the leather from water. 


Leather will lose its shape day by day, it’s mainly because the moisture will loosen the leather, and when the leather dry again, it dry in another shape. Therefore, it is important to always aware of the shape of your leather and reshape or maintain its shape. For leather shoes, you can use the shoe tree. And for leather bags, you can stuff them with plastic or paper. 


Polishing isn’t easy, and it’s not only about making your leather look shiny. Here are some steps that you may follow. First, cleaning. Second, conditioning, put some cream on your leather. Third, rejuvenation, to make your leather soft. Finally, polishing, to protect your leather by putting some wax on it.


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