How to Build a Simple Wardrobe

With inflated populations and limited space in the world, minimalism has become a trend. I believe it is a difficult procedure to minimize the amount of stuff in your life, especially your wardrobe. So, here are some tips for you to build your ultimate minimalist wardrobe.

Underwear & socks

If you want your clothes and even underwear to last long. Remember one rule, that is to stick to the basic. For underwear and socks, choose quality cotton, so that they will not be worn easily. Also choose dark color and size that are a good fit, so that you will not be affected by the change of seasons and body shape.


The designs, colors, and patterns of the t-shirt change very fast. There are piles of the newly designed t-shirt in the market every year. Stick to block colors and classic patterns, because logos and slogans can become outdated quickly.


Many people have pajamas, but actually, you don’t need one. As all of us have so many clothes in our wardrobe, you can just simply wear some old and comfortable loungewear, such as t-shirts and cotton shorts when you sleep.


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