3 Fashion Trends Still Hit in 2020

Time flies, it is already 2020. Are you aware of the most updated fashion trend? If you are having not enough money to spend on new clothes or having not enough space to keep them, don’t worry, because some of the 2019 fashion trends are still hit in 2020.

Loosening up

When it comes to 2020, there are no more form-hugging fits. Instead, we prefer oversized tailoring and loose cuts. Therefore, try to wear straight leg and wide leg fits legwear rather than a spray-on legwear, and then put on a baggy jacket. The trick is, if your bottom wear is loose, the upper wear should also be loose.

Commando Soles

The maximalism of footwear not only became a trend in 2019, but the trend also continues in 2020. The maximalism of footwear started with sneakers at first, but we can see lots of boots and brogues are bold and bulky. Try to wear a pair of Derby boot with sturdy cold-weather pieces, such as a chore coat.

The Great Outdoors

Some fashion trends will never go down, one of which is fashion that makes our lives easier, such as outdoor fashion. Simply wear a technical jacket with a fleece, a pair of aviation pants and a pair of mountain-friendly footwear.


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