3 Tips to Keep Your Leather Wallet

Instead of your skin, clothes or shoes, do you know you also need to take good care of your leather wallet? Here are some fast and easy ways for you to keep your leather wallet in perfect condition.

Tidy your wallet

I understand that not many of us will pay attention to the stuff in our wallet. We often accumulate coins, receipts and some expired coupons inside it for at least a few months. This may be fine for other wallets, but not a leather wallet. Because leather is a material that can deform, if we put so many stuff inside to force them, they will eventually turn into another shape.

Frequency of cleaning

When it comes to the frequency of cleaning, some of you may wonder, should I clean as frequently as everybody does? Indeed, it should be different regarding how often it is being used and what environment it was exposed to. But, generally speaking, you are advised to clean your leather wallet every two or three months on average.

Avoid oily products

Some people may think that oily product can make their leather shiny, like a brand-new wallet. But I can tell you, this is just an illusion. The effect will not only disappear soon but also turn to the opposite. All oily product can ruin leather and produce grease stains.


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